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Parley Zurich`s Watchlinks - a unique cufflink concept that is going to take the luxury market by storm. Every pair for our customers is assembled by us personally on the base of a watch sample or another accessory. In total there are more than 25 million different design possibilities.
Our goal: find the matching cufflink for your desire.

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CHF 770.00
During the PVD (physical vapor deposition) treatment black metal evaporates due to heat and high pressure and solidifies again onto the surface of the steel bezel turning it black. Parley Zurich`s Clous de Paris structure is created by the use of a CNC machine (computerized numerical control). The rose gold is...
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CHF 656.00
Sunburst is a special texture that several watch brands apply to their bezel or display. The radial lines give it an amazing look and also provide some intriguing light effects. The buttons designed to pay a tribute to the closing triggers of a watch clasp are produced from luxury steel 316L...
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CHF 737.00
Clous de Paris is a much admired and beloved surface refinement whose design is often used for watch displays. Multiple square knobs are carved onto the surface giving it its unique appearance. It is a good thing that the back plate and leg are one piece. Since the leg is never visible...
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CHF 696.00
The special sunburst texture finds its use among several watch brands who apply it to their bezel or dial. In this case it is Titanium coated. Due to the radial lines an amazing look is achieved. The Titanium Grey screws offer a welcome contrast to the steel back plate. Steel foot...
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CHF 730.00
One of the most frequently used components in jewellery is mother of pearl. It is basically the inner shell of all mollusks and can be found in almost every color. The 14k Rose Gold Beveled bezel poses the right choice for everyone adoring Rose Gold. It comes across as highly valuable and...
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CHF 750.00
Diving watches are highly popular not just among dive enthusiasts. Parley Zurich now enables you to convert the look of the diving bezel onto your Watchlink. The Rose-Gold Scuba Marine bezel reflects the luxury version of the diving bezels. Here the blue-black epoxy is filled into the prior PVD treated bezel....
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CHF 786.00
For the different colors of our bezels we make use of PVD (physical vapor deposition) treatment through which the coating is applied. Rose Gold makes everything appear more elegant and valuable. This certainly is the case as well for Parley Zurich`s Top Screws effortlessly enhancing the value of your Watchlink!  When...
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CHF 783.00
The Rose-Gold Triangulum bezel reflects the luxury version of the triangular bezels. The 14k Rose-Gold is transferred onto the steel base via PVD (physical vapor deposition). Utilizing a Rose Gold Back Plate we further increased the style value of your Watchlink. It`s a good opposition to a grey main body. The buttons on...
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CHF 703.00
The Triangulum Titanium bezel is produced with the help of PVD (physical vapor deposition) treatment. Titanium evaporizes and solidifies again on the Watchlink`s steel base. As inlay serves a Abalone pearl stone. Its blurred visuals and intriguing discolorations are sure to raise attention.  Leg and back plate of Parley`s Watchlinks...
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